LinkedIn for Brands and Businesses
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LinkedIn used to be “the other social network.” Suddenly, it’s a huge online marketing opportunity.

Unlock the new tools for LinkedIn marketing success with Christopher S. Penn, VP of marketing technologies at SHIFT Communications.

Join Chris to build your brand, increase your leads and get ahead of competitors. Learn to leverage LinkedIn for seven key business benefits, including:
  • Leads - Learn the secret for 1,819% growth at 73% less cost for lead acquisition!
  • Content - Target readers effectively with job-based segmentation.
  • Strategy - Use LinkedIn for free competitive research.
About the Speaker:
Christopher S. Penn is VP of marketing technologies at SHIFT Communications. He also serves as the lead subject matter expert and professor of advanced social media at the University of San Francisco. In 2012 and 2013, Forbes named Chris to its Top 50 Most Influential People in Social Media and Digital Marketing. Marketo named him one of the Top Marketing Illuminators and commemorated a light on the San Francisco Bay Bridge in his honor.